Our Story

         In 2016, Clear Natural's story began in the NYS Hemp Pilot Program, a seed of an idea planted in the fertile soil of New York. With a commitment to natural wellness, we started cultivating hemp, laying the foundation for what would become Clear Natural's legacy.
Our hemp-derived CBD products quickly found their way into the hearts of New Yorkers, gracing the shelves of stores throughout NYC. The buzz around Clear Natural was more than just about CBD – it was a celebration of our dedication to quality and purity.
Empowered by our success, we set out to become the best hemp growers in New York State. Through hard work and sustainable practices, we transformed ourselves into a symbol of excellence, deeply connected to the spirit of the Empire State. As laws evolved, so did we. With licenses in hand, we ventured into growing THC flower for licensed dispensaries, expanding our story to new heights.
Today, Clear Natural stands tall as a beacon of success, from CBD in the city to THC in the hills – our story is one of evolution, dedication, and a relentless commitment to providing New Yorkers with products as clear and natural as the state we call home. This is our journey, and it's a story we're proud to share with you.